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Armani Si Mini Gift Set 3 x 30ml


3 x 30ml

Sold out!

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Armani Si Mini Gift Set for women

Armani Si – a fruity fragrance for women. This scent has an intoxicating blend of currant extracts with cassis to deliver something otherworldly to the user. Even with one sniff of this perfume, one is sure to be tantalized due to the exhilarating scent. It is a luminous fragrance that is designed to be of use for a modern female. A modern woman who is strong, determined, and charismatic – someone who embodies the essence behind the creation of this perfume line. And what is even better now is that one can purchase Armani Si Mini Gift set for women from Scents 101.

Scents 101 has an exclusive Armani Si Mini Gift set for women that would make for an excellent gifting option for her. The perfect way one can show appreciation to someone close to their heart. We have incredible offers on mini gift sets as well.

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